The original Fry’s Bakery was started in Moosejaw SK in 1897. After World War One, the Fry’s moved out west and opened the bakery in Victoria in the 1920s. My paternal great-great grandfather Charles Fry ran the bakery at 403 Craigflower Rd, directly across the street from our current location. With his three sons they became a household name in Victoria until just after the Second World War, when they closed the location on Craigflower. Charles’ sons went on to run various other bakeries in BC and Alberta, till the baking gene skipped a generation with my father.

We rediscovered the family history when we built our first brick oven in Metchosin and were looking for a business name. After baking from my parent’s farm for a couple years, we leased the vacant storefront at 416 Craigflower to complete the historic Fry’s connection.